Cortado Ventures investment in PatchRx addressing a $500B problem

At Cortado Ventures we invest in ambitious companies tackling big problems and in teams with the “right stuff” to make it happen. I will use this platform to discuss our thinking behind our investments. It is my pleasure to have considerable help from Harvard Business School Research Associate Patrick Sweeney to bring together the research and narrative. Stay tuned for a later announcement about his work with Cortado Ventures.

We recently announced our investment in PatchRx. This company is taking on a big problem in healthcare and co-founders Andrew Aertker and Gavin Buchanan and their team are on a mission.


In the home of the Land Run, venture capital is becoming where wildcatters seek outsized returns

A version of this first appears on the Oklahoma Venture Resource Council page. Thank you to the OVRC for advancing the cause of innovation in Oklahoma!

Charles Harding (my dad) and John Shelton looking like oilman badasses in 1982

Oklahoma is an oil and gas powerhouse, home to some of the most prolific fields in the nation, and home to a wildly disproportionate share of industry innovators — Aubrey, T. Boone, Larry, Harold, and many other luminaries on a first-name basis in our folklore. I am a third-generation oil and gas entrepreneur. My grandfather, great uncle, uncle, dad, and two brothers have all run their own businesses in Oklahoma and Texas. My nephew’s…


Behind the scenes look at starting a first-of-its-kind VC fund in the middle of a pandemic

In this “behind the scenes” look, I will share some of the inspiration for Cortado Ventures, what led to its formation, and how we built what is now one of the most active venture capital funds in the Midwest.

I remember telling my daughter, “remember this moment, it will go down in history.” We were leaving the Thunder basketball game on March 11, 2020, after it had been cancelled. Covid really hit home that day, the same day we learned that Tom Hanks had Covid, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic, and President Trump suspended travel from Europe…

World Economic Forum

Experiencing the World Economic Forum and the inspiration for new venture capital

Eighteen months ago, I wrote of my experience in Dalian, China. I had just attended the annual summer meeting of the World Economic Forum, held jointly with the Young Global Leaders (YGL), which I joined earlier in 2019. Of that experience, I wrote that I was “agitated” — a word I chose carefully to acknowledge I had been taken out of my comfort zone, and was left aware of so much more and itching to do something about it, but not knowing what.

It was only in the past month did I realize the impact this experience had on me.


After years of launching, running, investing in, and advising businesses, my partners and I have created a venture capital fund for tech startups with Oklahoma connections.

Earlier this year my partners and I launched Cortado Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm investing in ambitious, growth-driven technology companies in and for Oklahoma. In only 10 weeks, we exceeded our goal of raising $10 million from investors (announcement), and have already invested in four companies with tremendous potential. Truly it’s been an inspiring beginning and there is so much more to do. I am all in.

As Managing Partner, it’s an honor to lead Cortado Ventures with potential for great regional impact in the emerging new economy. We are building the future. My very capable partners are…

World Economic Forum

From the moment I arrived in Dalian, China, the excitement started. I first met a scientist studying dark energy and dark matter. Then on the way from the airport to the hotel I met a scientist who tests satellites for their resilience to radiation before sending them to orbit. The journey to Dalian was 30 hours door to door, so I crashed at the hotel upon arriving a little before midnight, to rest up for the first day.

World Economic Forum

This weekend in New York was my orientation to the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader program, and my mind is swimming with everything that I learned and the amazing people I met. Some of the highlights from the people I met:

  1. Former Speaker of the House in Colombia who’s now a fellow at NYU’s urban management program
  2. Documentary filmmaker whose work covering women in the Middle East will be featured this month on PBS
  3. Founder of a company that converts unrecycled/unrecyclable plastics into petrochemicals
  4. Blockchain pioneer running the largest blockchain company in the world
  5. Filmmaker who started a theater…

World Economic Forum

Excited to share my news covered in the Journal Record. Including the press release below. I will be sharing my experiences with the World Economic Forum on Medium.

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 13, 2019) — Antioch Energy, an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Oklahoma City, is honored to announce that Nathaniel Harding, founder and president, has been selected by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a 2019 Young Global Leader (YGL).

Each year, WEF selects approximately one hundred globally distinguished leaders under the age of 40. Harding is recognized for his extensive professional accomplishments within the energy…

Nathaniel Harding

Managing Partner for Cortado Ventures and Young Global Leader in the World Economic Forum. Investor and advisor for tech startups, building a better future.

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